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For 25 years, engineers of Accelerators and cryogenic systems (ACS) have been involved in the development of superconducting radio frequency cavities in accelerator projects and their associated cryogenic systems. Based on this wide-ranging experience, the specificity of our company is to provide a comprehensive expertise of cavity to ensure the safe and efficient design of future accelerators.

In addition to the design concept , assembly and final testing, we also  insure the follow up manufacturing.

To fulfill all these tasks, we benefit from the accesss to the technological platform which has been installed at IPN-Orsay: SUPRAtech. The new infrastructures are now fully operational.  They currently contribute to the high energy part of the superconducting LINAC for SPIRAL2, and to the EURISOL and MAX projects.

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ACS is a member of the AITR group (Alliance Industrie Technologie Recherche).


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