About us

Five engineers and a Director of research CNRS (Institute of nuclear physics from Orsay) teamed up in 2009 to create the SAS «Accelerators and Cryogenic Systems» company. The goal of this start-up was, and still is, to enhance knowledge and transfer the know-how acquired in the field of accelerators based on superconducting cavities and cryogenic technology to industry. The founding team members participated actively in the design and construction of accelerators and cryogenics equipments for research in nuclear physics and physics of the particles of the leading facilities in Europe: CERN (LHC, SPL), GANIL (Spiral 2), DESY (TESLA)…

After 10 years of existence, the company is reinforced by several young hired engineers and its scope expanded to electromagnetic studies for the design and integration of diagnostic ports in the future fusion reactor ITER. A contract with SCK Mol (Belgium) for technical support in the development of the initial phase of the MYRRHA project (accelerator superconductor 100 MeV protons) is underway since 2016.

Our surroundings

Our offices are based in the scientific cluster Paris-Saclay, place of exchange between companies and actors of research and economic developement