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R&D: Artificial Intelligence applied to particle accelerators

R&D : Artificial Intelligence applied to particle accelerators


Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence and especially in Machine Learning have roused a growing interest in the field of particle accelerators.

The modern accelerator projects have very high stability and/or reliability requirements that may exceed the capacity of regular control systems. In this context, those new algorithms have the potential to help develop new control systems and strategies.

Machine learning

ACS is a pioneer in this sphere.

We employ an industrial Ph.D. student in collaboration with LPSC (Laboratory of Subatomic Physics & Cosmology, Grenoble) and SCK.CEN (Belgian Nuclear Research Center, Belgium).

The goal is to study and to develop Machine Learning algorithms to improve the stability and reliability of the MYRRHA accelerator.

Transmutation of nuclear waste

The founding team of ACS, an expert in the field of particle accelerators, has been working for a long time on R&D of a particle accelerator controlled nuclear reactor ( ADS ) dedicated to the transmutation of this waste.