In collaboration with test platforms, ACS offers access and support for a wide range of beams: neutrons, electrons, stable beams, from protons to gold and aggregates. The energy ranges from a few KeV to several MeV.

Irradiation tests

The increasing integration of electronic on-board technologies enhances the sensitivity of electronic circuits to atmospheric or natural terrestrial radiation.

For example, the impact of several MeVs neutrons’ on engineered systems raised a new focus of interest for specific irradiation tests. This concerns a wide range of applications, from aviation to automotive.

Our offer

Continuous and pulsed beams from one hundred keV to several MeV. Neutron beam Protons and Deuterons  (29 MeV), Iodine beam (220 MeV), Aggregates C60 to 40 MeV and 107 ions/cm2

Fast neutrons

A new way of producing fast neutrons, with the energy of 0.5-4 MeV, in a narrow cone (<20°) has been set up at Orsay and offers new possibilities for quasi-mono-energetic neutron source resulting from inverse kinematics process production.

Test on all types of components: spacecraft mission, radiation

Industrial Use

ACS can take care of the study of your experimental needs for test bench design, special diagnostics and temperature regulation ..