We offer a wide range of engineering services, ranging from technical studies and the
monitoring of the manufacturing test of prototyping on the CNRS technology platforms /
IPNO (Orsay Nuclear Physics Institute).

ACS engineers have extensive experience in accelerator due to their involvement in numerous designs and achievements of major accelerator.

feasibility studies

ACS  studies the feasibility of your project, we evaluate its budget, the necessary manpower and the associated risks. The flexibility of our structure allows us to easily revolve your project.

Modeling studies : electromagnetic , thermal , mechanical

These studies optimize and validate the design of different components. All these simulations can be performed both in stationary mode and transient mode with a wide variety of modeling software. (Ansys, Solidworks, Simulink…)

Project management

Our design office can assist you in the technical specifications drafting, follow-up drafting,  as well as in the follow up realization.

ACS can intervene at all stages in the Project coordination & management :

  • assist in the maturation and finalization of negotiations ,
  • design and produce high tech objects with a focus on French companies

R&D: Artificial Intelligence applied to particle accelerators

Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence and especially in Machine Learning have roused a growing interest in the field of particle accelerators. Indeed, modern accelerator projects have very high stability and/or reliability requirements that may exceed the capacity of usual control systems. In this context, those new algorithms have the potential to help develop new control systems and strategies.
ACS is a pioneer in this endeavor as we employ a student in an industrial PhD in collaboration with LPSC (Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique & de Cosmologie, Grenoble) and SCK.CEN (Centre d’étude de l’énergie nucléaire, Belgique). The goal of the thesis is to study and develop Machine Learning algorithms to improve the stability and reliability of the MYRRHA accelerator.

From design to reality

ACS develops strong partnerships with leading industrials involved in the fabrication of accelerator components.

Together with our expertise, they allow us to offer you a complete accelerator solution or ensure manufacturing follow-up.