ACS - Accelerators & Cryogenic Systems

Welcome to Accelerators & Cryogenic Systems

 “Accelerators and Cryogenic Systems” (ACS) positions itself as an architect and contractor for the realization of cryogenic particle accelerators and their components.

ACS specializes in particle accelerator technologies based on superconducting cavities and the associated cryogenic equipments. ACS offers a wide range of engineering services, from technical studies and follow-up of fabrication to prototyping tests at the CNRS/IPNO (Institute of Nuclear Physics at Orsay) technological platforms.

Cryogenic particle acceleration is a sufficiently mature technology for use in industrial applications. ACS is developing a partnership strategy with high-tech companies involved in the construction of facilities requiring superconducting cavities. Upstream, we make sure they have the information, advice and help to be able to properly respond to call for tender. Dowstream, we provide services for fabrication follow-up, conditioning and testing of their products.

Our activities and areas of expertise :

  • Particle accelerator engineering (conception, realization and marketing) and all its associated technological environment,
  • Conception, realization and marketing of software packages and computing codes for particle accelerator physics,
  • Design, retail or rental of any devices or electronic radio-frequency, computing or office automation systems, and also of any industrial machines,
  • Cryogeny related services,
  • Acquisition, exploitation and resale of any process and patents related to these activities,
  • Consulting, assistance and training in the previously mentioned fields,
  • Specialized manpower supply for the previously mentioned fields,
  • Purchase of any products and raw materials concerning these activities,
  • Research and developments related to particle accelerators.

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